Venturing Updates

Our very own, Max Chandler, was recently elected as the Central Region Area 4 Venturing President.  Max is a member of Troop and Crew 339, is the Muskingum Valley Council Venturing Officer’s Association President, Netawatwees Lodge Vice Chief, and has served in many capacities on NYLT staff.  Please help us congratulate him as he begins his new role in Area 4!

The council Venturing Officer’s Association (VOA) would like to invite any and all Venturers, leaders, and youth age 14-20 to join us for a fun picnic event at Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation.  Come out for some fun activities, meet other Venturers from around the council, and learn more about Venturing.

VOA Picnic

Wednesday May 31st

4:00 – 6:30pm @ Aerial Foundation Park in Mt. Vernon – meet by the tower

Time for your annual Program Planning meeting:

The BSA’s annual program plan calls for each unit to hold a planning meeting over the summer. In Cub Scouting, the meeting is attended by leaders and parents. In Scouts BSA the youth are involved in the meeting.  The purpose is to outline your plan for the coming program year.  This plan can then be shared widely so everyone knows whats coming.  When it comes to unit fundraising, this meeting lets you know how much it will cost to keep the unit active.  When parents know what the money is needed for they are more likely to help raise the fund.

Use this form to enter your proposed activities and anticipated costs.  It will automatically calculate your total budget, and the amount of popcorn each scout should sell to pay for their ideal year of scouting!


Take time this summer to plan an exciting year, then bring this completed form to our August 11th Popcorn and Membership Kickoff at MVSR (10AM – Noon) to earn extra commission in this year’s sale!

New OA Lodge Adviser!

We are pleased to announce the selection of Chip Udischas to serve as Lodge Adviser for the Netawatwees Lodge #424.  Chip has been active in the lodge since he was a scout and even held the post of Lodge Chief as a youth.  Here’s a picture of Chip as Lodge Chief:

We are grateful to Dudley Thomas for his years of service as Lodge Adviser and we look forward to building on his legacy under Chip’s leadership.  .


Registration for Cub Scout Resident Camp is now live.

****Session 1 is Full****

The popularity of our CS Resident Camp has been growing fast. Last year we had nearly 200 Scouts and it was almost unmanageable for the staff.  To insure that we continue to have a top quality program and give everyone an opportunity to participate, we have added an additional session.   We hope you can join us for Session 2: 

Session 2:    July 29 – August 1 ($105 per Scout)


Council Earns ‘GOLD’ – again!

Every organization strives to improve. Plans are made, goals are set, performance is tracked.  Whether it’s a business, a club, or a family, we all set goals and track performance.  In the BSA, those performance standards are the 18 criteria tracked on the Journey to Excellence.

Today We are pleased to announce that the Muskingum Valley Council has achieved ‘Gold’ level performance for 2017.  If you are reading this, you can take pride in your role in this achievement!  Parents, cubmasters, scoutmasters, committee members, commissioners, venture leaders, activity chairmen, trainers, camp staff, donors, fundraisers, and so many more… you all played a part in this success story.


Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are advancing and camping at the highest percentages. Our Scouts averaged over 6 hours of service each.

With your help, the Muskingum Valley Council is setting the standard for quality, cost-effective, positive youth development.   As we look forward, we can all feel confident that we are prepared to provide more exceptional Scouting programs in 2018.